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Monday, February 11, 2013

Heading to the Canal...

So this is what you get when you've lived in sunshine and warm places too long. 
Ilana and I met in Maison-Laffitte, Paris a couple years back and she just so happens to live in California part time and in Ottawa part time now:
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  • Ilana
    so im going skating on the canal friday. tell me how i need to dress...
    so im going skating on the canal friday. tell me how i need to dress...
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    • Jenelle Sullivan
      On Friday eh? That's a world away in "Ottawa Weather Forecasting Time". Sorry to say that today and tomorrow look nothing a like to us, so my best advice: Layers. Many many layers to ensure maximum warmth and comfort. Comfy is key.
      I would wear:
      - 2 pairs of socks
      - a tank top, a t-shirt, a hoodie, followed by a sporty winter coat.
      - long johns (long underwear?), warm and comfy pants... NO SNOWPANTS. Everyone will know you aren't from here. We take our snowpants to a ski hill, not the Canal.
      - Gloves and Mittens, a scarf, a hat or earmuffs
      ALSO! You aren't officially Canadian, or at minimum from Ottawa, should you forget to eat a Beavertail and complain (after being on the ice 4 to 8 minutes).
      - Camera, Cash, and PEE before you leave. The Ottawa Convention Centre had a display up that should be there still and they have nice bathrooms. It's that huge glass curved building.
      - Skates... Yeah. We talk big about Winterlude being awesome, but we ALWAYS bring our skates with us. We bitch and moan about it, but it's the WORLDS LARGEST OUTDOOR SKATING RINK. Skate.
      Have fun love! Oh.. that combo is also appropriate to wear to work if you bus.
      Love and have fun 

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    1. I forgot a backpack... Better balance then a few purses and boot bags.