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Friday, December 30, 2011

Day or Night?

Least favourite thing about this time of year? LONG NIGHTS. It's always dark! I mean thank you god I sleep till noon if I can, but I always wake up at 6am and can't seem to figure out what the hell is going on. I mean, reasonably it could be either evening or morning. Maybe I just dozed off in the afternoon. Maybe I slept all day. Maybe it's the morning. I wake up disoriented.
Then you expect me to work and it's pitch black when I either start of when I leave. Tell me of a job where I can go and leave in the sunlight and that pays well... With benefits. Any? Yeah. Thank you rotation of the earth around the sun making everything cold and slippery and dark. You have booby-trapped the Northern Hemisphere and I for one and unhappy about it. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ever Evolving Christmas Plans.

My grandpa is still in the hospital and it looks like we have two possible outcomes that are likely:
Option 1: He is released on Friday. Infection free and happy.
Option 2: Infection is still present and the doctors will operate and amputate from the knee down to stop the infection from spreading any further.
All I want for Christmas is to spend it with my grandpa... He's the one that wears the suspenders and plaid button down shirts and buys the hat with a solar panel fan in the bill. He grows the best tomatoes. He makes anyone laugh. So maybe Christmas will be spent in Ottawa with the entire family... Or potentially I will drive to the hospital and spend it in the country with my Gpa.
How are you spending the 25th? Are you even religious? Do you celebrate or go to the movies?
Merry Christmas soon all <3

I'll probably photograph my shopping escapades on Saturday too for you all to witness <3

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Year Ago vs. Current Day

So Considering how long it usually takes me to post... I figured I might as well retell some of the tales of my year abroad loosely around the time I did it... But for the Summer part... I may need to post here and there because there is a lot to write...

Hey Sam, Are those even pants??
Just kidding, You look cute...
BUT SERIOUSLY. We planned to be out all day... In the cold. 
I'm just sitting in the basement. "The Man Cave" as my dad is currently calling it... He is concerned about the increasing levels of estrogen creeping in to his "Spyder Web" or something. Love you daddy.
My laptop is broken... So it's just sitting there all pretty and not turning on. Awesome. I think I might have sent the Euro MadLibs to Christina's laptop at some point... I hope. Long train rides to write those... But that's okay because there seems to be a constant supply of pretzels on hand in the basement...
But I am waitress-ing again. Work. Distractions. Money. Cash tips. It's okay. Fun.

Sam on top of Christina and I... So cold.
And we don't care but we have tickets for this bus and it's the last one of the night. So we need to be on it to get home. 
Last year this time. I was watching kids choirs in a play ground in France. I was decorating a tree and cleaning my room for my sister's visit. I was packing for Barcelona and baking cookies and not dealing with wet cold. There was no snow for Christmas and New Years. We froze because we dressed like idiots and top an open air bus tour and didn't want to sit inside for some reason (Come to think of it... Maybe it wasn't an option? We FROZE.) We ate seafood and drank wine on Christmas Eve and opened gifts at midnight...

Christmas is a few days away and I still haven't gone shopping. I work Thursday and Friday too... When is CHRISTMAS... Sunday right?

OH THANK GOD. Checked. Sunday. So. 6 DAYS. Get your poop together.

Happy holidays all. Safe holidays. You have a teenager that owes you a favour and can babysit of dd you home... Just saying.

xo Jenelle

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Do you remember...

Remember back for me... To childhood classes. English and rainy recesses specifically. Your teach would sit you down after finishing a test, or running out of things to do and questions to ask, and tell you to silently read.
I remember always choosing the "Choose your own Adventure" books. They were great. You determined the protagonist's outcome based on the decisions he made. It was fun. You were the hero of the story. And the greatest part is that you could do any part over again by simply flipping back a few pages or skipping forward a couple dozens.
Life is sort of that book. No do overs though. But no regrets really. It's funny. Laugh or cry or do a combination of both.

BOTH The entire point of this post was that I want to write a choose your own adventure guide to dating and travel and life in general. Yep. Patent pending or something lol. So stay tuned for more on the front.

Lonely or Married. The "Create Your Own" Love GSP.
A Series by Miss Jenelle Sullivan. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

When you hit rock bottom...

Sleep for the afternoon and contemplate tequila. Just saying.

I did write a list of 101 things to do to pick yourself up again... But I can't recall too many right now. Scan later? Empty promise? Who knows anymore.

Xoxo Jenelle

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Laziest Blogger EVER.

But I thought this link was pretty cool...

Virgos born on September 15 have a talent for communicating. They are truthful but need a dream world that lets them escape from harsh reality. They believe in putting their reputation on the line for a good cause but are not controversial. Their sensitive nature may hide a sparkling personality.

Friends and Lovers

People born September 15 have a love for people and can get along with almost anyone as long as the relationship doesn't go too deep. They like to surround themselves with attractive, witty people who make them feel good about themselves, yet when they meet their soul mate they are surprised that this person in no way jibes with their "ideal."

Children and Family

Family life has a generally positive effect on the lives of September 15 men and women. They are relationship-oriented and are likely to enjoy a close and rewarding relationship with siblings. These men and women often "find" themselves spiritually when they have children.


People born on this date have a tendency to be ruled by their appetites. They enjoy good food and have a tendency to put on weight once they reach middle age. It takes powerful motivation to get them to commit to something physical, but once they experience its energizing effects they are sure to lock into better habits.

Career and Finances

September 15 individuals are immensely talented, usually artistically. Their ability to get along with people and to communicate makes them good teachers, media consultants, therapists, and marriage counselors. They are insecure about their ability to handle money.

Dreams and Goals

September 15 natives enjoy being in the spotlight and may chase that dream early. Once they begin to make a place for themselves, however, their priorities change. They begin to understand the best goals are spiritual. They want to understand their deepest motivations, so they must explore their inner landscape.

Check yours out too... 
xoxoxo Jenelle