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Friday, January 27, 2012

Blindfolds and Ferris Wheels...

 January 30th is a special day in my world. Carly, my sweet blonde from California, was born this day. Last year, being not only her first birthday away from home, but also being spent in the foreign country, Christina and I toke it upon ourselves to make her 19th a birthday to remember.

Seeing as 19 is a major year for Canadians... Not only because it's the legal drinking age in the majority of our provinces and territories, but... Yeah, that's all I got...

We adopted Carly into the world of Canadian living for a day. Armed with the classic Vancouver 2010 mittens and warmly dressed we headed to our first top secret destination: Angelina's.

For those of you requiring it, Angelina's is a cafe outside of the Louvre that has been around and operating since 1907. They claim to serve the 'World's Best Hot Chocolate'. Whether or not it is the best is hard to contest, all I will say is that they entire $10 hot chocolate is an experience. It is served it a pitcher, with a bowl of fresh whipped cream and a large pitcher of ice water. All needed because it's so rich, but as a true chocoholic I will admit to wanting more when everyone else had had enough.

Greatest part of this adventure though? The trek there on the subway we all got to talking and Carly mentions that she would be so embarrassed if we blindfolded her and lead her on the streets of Paris. Of course, she wouldn't mind this, but she would DIE of humiliation. Ummm... Okay. So we blind fold her and make her look like a special person in the lineup (a longer wait than the Louvre...).

The giant Ferris wheel was still set up at the end of the Champs Elysees and it seemed like no better time would present itself to ride it. Carly wanted to really badly anyways and it was her birthday. By law we were required to make her day even if it required fondling statues and impromptu photo shoots across the city.

Fountains and street art are no stranger to find there as Mazda 3's here and we stumbled on a few notable things before our master jackpot: THE GREAT CANADIAN PUB!! That's right my friends! There is a pub in Paris dedicated to being 'Canadian'. Evidently to be 'Canadian' all that is requires is:

  • Moosehead in bottles
  • Poutine, made with grated cheese and shoestring fries... 
  • And American waitress?
Still felt better about it though. For those of you visiting and interested, its on the same bank side as the Eiffel Tower but nearer Notre Dame... Yep. That's your map. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

The weekend brings snow

More snow for Ottawa. Always more snow. It is January after all. And I know that people stereotype Canadians as being weather-obsessed, but can you blame us?
Seriously... If you have lived through 5 Canadian winters I deem you a citizen because only real Canadians not only deal with this lovely weather, but some people also love it.

Personally, I'm just going to hibernate until April...

The forecast... If you wanted to prepare yourself for a weekend of skiing or fort building (or staying inside with wine and pj's...)