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Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Little Taste of Home

My sister just left today. It's weird how easily you get used to having someone around. In 14 days of her being here I can't even remember what it was like before she came. Now I feel tired and sad that she is gone. I mean I don't have to sleep on the floor anymore, but I would do that for the entire year if it meant having her here.
We did do a lot of awesome things throughout her visit though. She got here on Christmas eve so we celebrated that with the family. To my surprise in France most people celebrate at night and wait till midnight to open their gifts. The kids disappear to the basement while "Santa" just happens to come by in those exact 5 minutes. He is one clever man.
Christmas day was spent with Christina and Sam eating chicken fingers and mashed potatoes while listening to Michael Jackson. Every holiday needs its traditions, and if it can't be turkey and stuffing with the family, MJ is a good substitute.
On the 27th we left for Barcelona. There we had rented a little apartment for the week (I highly recommend doing this if you are traveling to foreign cities for a few days or more). Even on a budget, it was cheaper for us to rent the apartment then it would have been for us to stay in hostels. Not to mention that we had our own bathroom, kitchen, living and bed rooms. It was really central so we had the chance to see all the major sites and really just enjoy the city. I highly recommend getting to that city if you ever have the chance. The people are incredibly friendly, the city itself is beautiful and as far a European destinations go, it isn't too expensive. Even in December it was great weather (do not forget that I am Canadian and therefore positive temperatures in the winter is considered great). Go to the beach and put your feet in the sea, pay the 11 Euro to see the Sagrada Familia, take the time to go up the Sagra Cor, visit Park Guiell, and walk down Las Ramblas with all your small coins. You will not be disappointed.
All in all my favorite part would have had to be New Years. We didn't go to a party or a club, or even a bar for that matter. All we did was go down Las Ramblas by the Piatza Cuatiluna (terrible spelling and I do apologize) and rang in 2011 with thousands upon thousands of people in the streets. There were riot police and men selling 2 Euro bottles of champagne and people setting fireworks off with holding them in their hands. Magnificent. Later we walked down to the port and just enjoyed a sea breeze while drinking right from our bottles. Men are forward and more persistent than usual, but it is New Years after all.
So a very late Merry Christmas to you all and I wish you the best in 2011!
Oh and I just want to add that I have the best sister in the entire world and I miss her so much already. Love you Mara.