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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Over the Deep End for Games.

Another day and another challenge. The trick is simply to make it through.
No one ever said life was easy, or if someone did, they were lying and I'm feeling the brunt of it today.
My mood changes every 5 minutes it seems which just so happens to be tell tale of Bipolar type 1. Evidently everything seems to go up and down so quickly that you don't even know what's happening. How can this be the way that my mind works? Why is all so confusing? Another cigarette to pass this thought process... I think so. But then again, smoking is bad for you. I should quit. Quitting takes willpower and there is a lack of that where I'm concerned, or maybe I just think there is a lack of willpower. Maybe it's just there and I'm just too confused to figure it all out.
Maybe I should talk about something different.
Games. I like games. Most people like games... Not mind games, mind you, but board games... Or bored games. I played a few key ones in the last 24 hours and it's always neat to me how focusing on a single task, winning, allows me to be to really have a good time playing them.
Games everyone should try:

All three are amazing strategy based games, that like all games create an awesome alternate reality where you are in control of everything that happens, based on your actions... Kind of like real life.
I have to give a shout out to my friend Becca for getting me into gaming and embracing being a total nerd, because they really are fun to play. Most of the games I play come along with this girl and we are always excited with 2 player games. We enjoy playing these three fairly often upon our hang outs and it's the best way to spend the afternoon.
Ticket to Ride entrusts players to construct railways across the States and a few Canadian cities by laying cards of coordinating colours to the rail segments. Points are collected for completing destinations and having trains on the board. It's a lot of fun and quick moving, leaving tons to chance and luck of the cards drawn.
Pandemic is new to Becca's collection, but has already proven and new favourite. The concept being the players, 2 or more, have to save the world by curing four major diseases. It's a cooperative game that everyone gets to work together to complete actions, that they specialize in. Playing as part of a collective team makes for great discussions and fun deciding which diseases are threatening or planet. You either win or lose to the game and that's have the excitement.
Carcassonne is a quick and dynamic game that you get to create the board with you turn. A game composed  of tile peoples and little "Meeple" to claim roads, fields, cities, or monasteries. It moves quickly but knowing the tiles and being able to anticipate the coming one helps with strategy. Scoring while playing allows for some friendly competition, although everything can change after the last tile is played.

Apples to Apples is another great one to play in a more party setting as the rules vaguely encourage "mindlink" or telekinesis to read the judge and figure out what they would think is the best noun to be described by their adjective. 
I played this one in the hospital and it was super interesting to play on a psych ward... Most things are pretty entertaining on a ward come to think of it. It's really neat being able to read characters in a hospital setting and with the addition of a game, made it super interesting to try to teach and learn from other people who are noted to think a little "out side of the box" (colourful thinking if you will). It was a great language tool and for educational purposed this is a great game to play with any group. 
Becca is my worthy advisory. We both enjoy winning but lose to each other with a friendly high five. Board games are fun. Thanks for Christening the box with me ;)
I feel better now. Thanks. Something written down and out of my head helps with the everything.
xo, Jenelle