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Sunday, January 13, 2013

I remember being little and never wanting to be "famous" in Hollywood, but still always choosing which actress or movie character I wanted to be while watching. Disney was always there with a beautiful Princess to choose from, or Romantic Comedies had the protagonist being some women that in the end gets her fairytale. 
It would be unfair of me to claim that movies set me up for disappointment. I realized early on that the plots only worked so well because there was a team of people behind what I was watching making these decisions for me. Every movie needs an ending. This might seem strange, but there was comfort in the fact that all the loose ends happened to be tied together after a couple of hours. 
I don't think I am a Princess. Far from it actually. But that being said, Disney did teach me more then just the basics in life. Rewatching the "Classics" now, I see so much more than when I was a little girl. 

  • Belle taught me that being a French woman is something to pride yourself on. She's strong and willing to sacrifice her freedom for that of her father's and still manages to see the silver lining that is behind the Beast. Thanks. (I wanted to be her for Prom)
  • Ariel was the fiery redhead who follows her heart even if the cost seems to high. No words are needed to communicate love, and sometime you have to screw over your family to get what you need. Thanks. (Redhead by choice)
  • Cinderella worked her ass off to please woman just so that one day she could be the center of some Prince's life. I also believe that trying on a pair of shoes to find true love is more about the dedication behind the glass slipper. 
  • Mulan. A KICK ASS ASIAN. No man should be able to do things that woman isn't aloud to attempt too. I can choose to pee standing, but sitting is simply more comfortable. 
  • Aurora... Well she just slept and waited for the Prince to wake her... But she had no other options. 
  • Snow White mad it so that I could happily take care of children or dwarfs and still live a fulfilling life. That and she loved to clean, and cook, and sing. Eve and her both got screwed by Apples. 
  • Pocahontas made me value nature more and believe that the world sends messages, you just need to step back and realize the beauty to see it. Appreciate all the little gifts from Mother Nature. 
  • Jasmine... SHE HAD A TIGER AS A PET. And magic carpet rides, and that Jafar situation. <3
  • Tiana was not only the first "black" princess, she paves her own way to get her dream of owning her business. Dispite the adversary she faces, she ends up winning the man and her life. 
  • Rapunzel discovered that maybe your family doesn't always have your best interests at heart, but you TRUE family will always be waiting for you. 
Although they may all be 16 years old... These woman are tougher than I've given them credit for. Hopefully you can see past the facade and read deeper into things. 

Today, I am a hybrid. A little of this and a bit of that. A little Ariel, a side of Belle, and a dash of Tiana. Tomorrow I may be Erin Brockovich, but for today, I will be a Princess. 


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