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Saturday, January 12, 2013

HI HO....

Another disappearing act from the Sullivan front, But I always manage to come back. 

Blogging is the same way. 

So... Stay tuned for something more interesting, but for now:

I have superpowers: Empathy.

I have a Krypotonite: Giving a shit. 

What are yours? 

And really, if I could choose... I would have Spider Man wrist flinging power... But not webs... That's lame. I want to shoot anything of my wrist. 

Real world: "CIGARETTE, LIGHTER, $1000, NEW PURSE..."

Best super power ever. 

And yours would be?


And another fun game: If your life is a movie, and you could have a soundtrack, what would your song for today be? I can't seem to choose just one for today, but RIGHT THIS SECOND... (NVM Jenna Marbles got my attention). 


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