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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Everyday SuperHeroes

Quickly note: Wow... There are an awful lot of Superheroes in this picture. And my favourites aren't even Marvel apparently. All of this, just to point out, that everything can be a "power" and it is simply the mindset that differentiates these people from the villains. 

The goal of my day today is simply just to be an average, lovable, everyday Superhero. And I challenge you to be the same. Some credibility is needed to make it seem normal, but no magical costume is needed.

Tips and tricks:
Complement someone of the same gender ("Your boots are really nice, where did you find them?"; "Nice tie buddy, I have one just like it." Etc.)
Hold open the door excuse yourself if you don't.
Ride a bus and talk to someone as a friend, not a fellow passenger.
Buy the homeless man a coffee, it's bloody freezing in Ottawa today.

The rest I will leave up to you. But it really takes no effort at all to make someone else's day.

Challenge excepted? I hope so.

Jenelle. Or Catwoman. Your choice. 

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