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Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Kaleidoscopic World of Colours

Today purple is simply a colour.
You can choose any colour that you would like. I just happen to think purple is a beautiful colour. Mauve, Violet, Magenta, Deep, Light, Shiny, or Dull. If I had to choose just one colour... It would be purple... But the best part is: All colours are lovely. All are derived from the same source... White. And the

Nothing in this post will be surprising of new... All of what I am saying I would have been able to say yesterday, or choosing to say them tomorrow. But all of this also leads to a post that has taken me _____ attempts to finish and compile in a way that I felt confident enough to

Again I try. Even as a remind myself, "It's just a blog... It's nothing that needs to be perfect, just type and carry on and edit later. I fell the need to backspace and correct myself. What is that all about. No one but you will read it. No one but you will see it. FUCK. Don't look up, just type. You got this. Yep. no more puntiationitsnedednotforyougettoreaditonly." STOP. "Breathe. look up. Edit. Edit. Edit. Take your time. Why are you rushing all of this. Have a break. Smoke? Song change? Just breathe."

"Bi the Bi. Which one is less acceptable?" Marking Dweeb ;) Also... It's kind of like birth control for the brain id you so choose to see it that way. Metaphor or Simile? Language Lover :)

To NG: you can read my mind... written for the world and/or no one to see Love Janu

FONT CHANGE... Black will be better. Better.

Best. My new idea, it's a simple one. But it's going to do wonders for me. My heart beats faster from the excitement. A little flutter here and they devoted to someone else, but always has to be me at the end of the day. It simply must be that way. It's not selfish to write. It's not mean to have priorities. It's not hard to see the limitations and resetrictions. It may be easy to ignore them (thank you Ottawa for all your "WONDERFUL" smoking regulations for making that one so vey clear.), but they remain in place and constant if you choose to simply: Look good, Smell good, and be predictable. I wise man once told be that. It makes a lot of sense.

This is also why I will take a moment to reward all of you:

Everyday superheros... It's not only me that believes. xo

Or for those who prefer videos:
Jenna Marbles, A birthday "twin" according to...


Thanks. See you on the other side. Right Momma? xo

Future blog posts will solely be reflective of my needs, however hopefully enjoyable for your lives. And edited carefully? Sure. 

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