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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ever Evolving Christmas Plans.

My grandpa is still in the hospital and it looks like we have two possible outcomes that are likely:
Option 1: He is released on Friday. Infection free and happy.
Option 2: Infection is still present and the doctors will operate and amputate from the knee down to stop the infection from spreading any further.
All I want for Christmas is to spend it with my grandpa... He's the one that wears the suspenders and plaid button down shirts and buys the hat with a solar panel fan in the bill. He grows the best tomatoes. He makes anyone laugh. So maybe Christmas will be spent in Ottawa with the entire family... Or potentially I will drive to the hospital and spend it in the country with my Gpa.
How are you spending the 25th? Are you even religious? Do you celebrate or go to the movies?
Merry Christmas soon all <3

I'll probably photograph my shopping escapades on Saturday too for you all to witness <3

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