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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Looking for something unrelated...

Hey all of you non followers... Thanks for your half support. If you're reading I'm happy. I'm just going to endorse things I like so whatever, it's all the same to me if you read or not... Not that I'm all, "F you, I'm better than you," but how am I to know the difference?
You three following. STAR BONUS POINTS!! 2 Each... because you have followed even before I started posting again. Thank you. So I have giving you loving nicknames... Guess who you are :) (Guess correctly and receive another point!)
So we have (In no particular order):
1. Catwoman: * *
2. Mystery Man: * *
and 3. KATIE!! (I KNOW YOU!!): * * * * (Because you would have guessed right)

So anyways. I'm looking through old email searching for something but ofcourse, it is me, so I get distracted and found this:

This is how much I want my mother to understand modern life.
I was living far away and Facebook is really effective for communicating when you are dealing with time differences and people around the world. I love it. Its easy to stay in touch and keep up with friends. It takes work, but you can make it work for you. Let me know if you need more help.

I had a little quick cheat sheet for Skype too... I made it for my grandpa. He's a beautiful person and I love him, but this man will install a printer in Spanish because that looks like an attractive option at the time. I love him with all my heart and he's an artist and an all round amazing person, but him and technology don't mix. It's funny because after he got past the, "HOLY COW!! She can see and hear me!?" Reaction for 10 minutes, he never paid attention to how to work it. So we don't use it. Email is difficult enough. I kind you not. I had to sit him down like a child and explain the difference between a monitor, a laptop, a desktop and the internet. Five times. There's love and dedication and patience, but we trade off because I bitch to him about life and he just listens. It's a solid relationship.

4. Grandpa Denis: * * * * * * (I love you that much)

But yeah. Maybe it will help you too. If you need computer advice, I'm not an expert, but I'm a user and a marketing kid... It's a good combo. It might cost you a coffee though.

Hope it's a little helpful ;)
That's all folk's. I'll be sleeping more soon hopefully and posting regularly still. xo and Much love. Jenelle

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