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Monday, October 31, 2011

Another sloppy night in the name of Life and Happiness :)

Ok. Home from Toronto. LONG WEEKEND. Had a nap lol. Needed a nap. Need a week off. Imagine Spring Break... But then add some things like- Bouncers, slippery floors, cold nights, small costumes, no furniture. Yep. Great weekend. For those of you not on my Facebook... My status states how I feel... less that I think I'm coming down with strep... Oh well.
Thanks again lady loves <3
Going to a Kegger and being a Nanny have everything in common: There are a lot of people running and screaming aimlessly, Everyone needs a snack and a drink, "NO YOU CANNOT TOUCH THAT" will be said in some context throughout the night, Some people just need to have a little time out or nap... It's okay. Pissing off the other children will result in an ass kicking, AND, I will need a drink to cope with it. xoxoxoxo ♥ Thank you LIS and MATT!! And Tdot Crew! And HomeBase for the awesome weekend.

Pictures to follow... Hangover first. AND and business plan comes out of the weekend... Event Management watch out... 

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