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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Homelife :)

For starters, may all of you please take 4 minutes of your day to listen to this musical genius.This guy is like... Adele, but male and Irish (ACCENTS!!!) and plays the acoustic guitar. And the kicker? I think he might actually be single and a nice guy and he sings how you feel.... 
So enjoy that. Ed Sheeran. 

Apart from that, I just want to list a few reasons that I love living at home:
  • Not only is there one butter dish on the counter (WHICH IS CRITICAL... HARD BUTTER IS USELESS BUTTER!! For everything. F U. Put it on the counter... I don't can if you have animals... you have cupboards (cup-board... HATE that word)), but we have two! WIN WIN  (Mom * * Dad * *)
  • It's the only place I know that at 3am I can be sitting in the basement listening to music, eating a steak sandwich and someone is crashing on the couch and the parents are sleeping... I love that <3 (Mom * * * * Dad * * * * Lady of the Couch * * *)
  • I got to borrow their car today, and although it did cost me $15 to park, I was tipped $50. So that you. Because it also involved less gas because people can drive on Saturdays... and their are less people, so if they can't I have places to jam around them. 
  • I hung out with Carter and Sandra from the Radio and Sandra, "BANANA PEELSSS!!" (I got in trouble for dancing, tell the boss man you loved me <3) 
  • And there was solid music the entire ride. 
It's a toast up kind of week coming. After last, anything is perfect, so enjoy. Smile. Deal with what you can today and the rest will be there tomorrow for you still. It's cool. Family and friends first. Jobs and Relationships come and go, just dance and laugh and do the little things...

GOALS for the week:
  1. Trust.
  2. Communication.
  3. Commitments.
  4. Relationship Maintenance. 
  5. Patience.
It's a heavy list. Still smoking lol. 

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