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Monday, February 7, 2011

Just another Sunday in La Marais

What a lovely weekend. The weather in gay ole Paris these past few days has been mild enough for a sweater and surprisingly dry enough to trade in the umbrella for sunglasses. If this was winter in Canada I think our population would double over night. Most days I even forget it is February. There is still vegetation. Little things :) And more than just the weather made me happy this weekend.
In typical weekend fashion I escaped to Christina's "apartment"for refuge from three loving, albeit clingy, children. Wine can always be assumed, but we also had delicious garlic chicken and tomato-mozzarella salad. Camels have now become the cigarette of choice, and Harry Potter is always the default movie of the evening before going to bed.
Saturday was spent with Christina's friendly, although slightly overbearing, homeopathic aunt and her distant not-cousin-but-somehow-related relative, who were spending a few days in Paris. We toke them to Montmatre to see the Sacre Coeur and after omelets for lunch the Moulin Rouge... always a classic combination.
Sunday the au pair clan hit up China town to see the most chaotic Chinese New Year parade ever although something has to be said about the convenience or having a full blown market along the street where thousands of people are gathering and forced to wait an hour for the parade to actually commence. I also must mention that chocolate flan from a sketchy little man is a great idea and highly recommend trying it. Yum. After watching the parade and thinking to myself "these people aren't even remotely Asian, much less Chinese..." and "I know it's the year of the rabbit, but I was really hoping to see one of those dragons where the people make the legs" we were handed some incense and well, anything free can make me smile.
After it finished for the second time... after a 30 minute gap with nothing happening and people leaving, you start to assume that there isn't much left... A few of us headed to le Marias, Paris' Gay and Jewish quarter. After just a short subways ride, a transfer, another subway, and winding walk, we fond ourselves in front of the best falafel place is Paris and of course this merited a lunch stop. Apparently we weren't the only ones drawn by this gimmick as John C Reilly was also waiting in line to get his. He's in town shooting a film with Kate Winslett, Christopher Waltz and Jodie Foster. So le Marias officially has the best food (falafels, muffins, and fresh homemade marshmallows), awesome and ridiculously cheap vintage shops, celebrates, and 5 piece bands planning of the side of the road. It also earns a star bonus point for being hopping on Sundays when the rest of this city is dead.
It's weeks like this that I love my job <3

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