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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Worst Blogger Ever.

I think I would have to be one of the worst bloggers of all time... just as far as consistency of posts goes. I mean I had originally intended on writing every few days and detailing all the exciting things that I have been doing, but truthfully, when exciting things, I am the least likely to write. This could be because I am tired after or most likely because I am just lazy.
So the updates since my sister left? Life is like normal. I am still a young, single mother of three. t is awesome some days and fucking terrible others. All and all though time goes by so quickly here that before you know it there is another vacation. (The French are quite fond of frequently having two weeks off from school and I am in no way opposed as I don't have the kids for that time... Thank you grandparents!)
So between meeting a whole slew of au pairs that are living right around me for drinks on a regular basis, I have been planning a trip to Dublin. Hurray! The Land of the Leprechauns! I'm heading there in exactly two weeks with Christina and Carly, a girl from California.
And that my friends is about as good as my blogging gets for today.

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