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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Serenade at the Marketplace

One of my favorite things of living in France are the marketplaces. They are everywhere and you can buy practically anything there. Where I live, in Maisons Laffitte, there is one that is open every Wednesday and Saturday and it is where I usually go to buy a thing of strawberries then instantly consume them while I check out the other booths. And they are always perfect strawberries... its amazing. Think of the best strawberries you had this summer, then multiply that deliciousness by a thousand and you are nearing how amazing these berries actually are.
But anyways, today I went to the market with Christina because we both had the morning off and my family is going out of town this weekend so we are going to cook wonderful dinners and stay in for one of the days just cooking... I am stoked. We decided on Mexican (when you are in France, clearly the best choice is something South of the Border). Fajitas it is. We got everything from the market all fresh and delicious: chicken; peppers; onion; tomatoes; cilantro; lime... and mangoes because the man that we buy veggies from always makes us taste something too good to pass up. As we are looking for cheese, which shouldn't be that had considering where we are: France and in a market... there is this man that heard us talking in English to each other so he keeps saying "hello" to the air. Maybe ten times, "Hello. Hello. Hello, hello, hello," and so on. We are right next to the cheese vendor and he breaks out into song (no dance thank God, but I would have enjoyed this as well I am sure)... but he's a clever little French man, and he sings to Tom Jones' "She's a lady" but changing the lyrics just for us, "Cheesy lady, wooo woooo wooo Cheese a lady..." Needless to say some effective marketing only if it doesn't creep your patrons out. Christina and I got cheese from another vendor and tomorrow will enjoy the most wonderful french version of Mexican food imaginable.

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