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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Do you remember...

Remember back for me... To childhood classes. English and rainy recesses specifically. Your teach would sit you down after finishing a test, or running out of things to do and questions to ask, and tell you to silently read.
I remember always choosing the "Choose your own Adventure" books. They were great. You determined the protagonist's outcome based on the decisions he made. It was fun. You were the hero of the story. And the greatest part is that you could do any part over again by simply flipping back a few pages or skipping forward a couple dozens.
Life is sort of that book. No do overs though. But no regrets really. It's funny. Laugh or cry or do a combination of both.

BOTH The entire point of this post was that I want to write a choose your own adventure guide to dating and travel and life in general. Yep. Patent pending or something lol. So stay tuned for more on the front.

Lonely or Married. The "Create Your Own" Love GSP.
A Series by Miss Jenelle Sullivan. 

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