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Monday, November 14, 2011

Away we go...

Ok. So I realize for those of you who have never met me what I'm going to tell you will seem a little off the wall and crazy, but the truth is, I'm so capable of this. Trust me. Carly does... And she's doing it with me. So she can't be wrong... We are going to do this.

Tag along for the ride with Carlitos, a sweet blond with a lot of spark, from Berkley, California, who(m?) (NOTE: English grammar help please), I met while being an French nanny... or a Canadian nanny in Paris... BUT ANYWAYS... And me, Jilupa. As we head straight to the WILD WILD WEST. Will Smith Style. But the idea is this... We are going with the personal goals of learning to regain trust in the world and living things and spread joy and happiness to all we can along the way.

Originally I had though, "Canada first... Snow sucks and I don't want to do it..." But then after being hated on for a while and told that our time constraints were insane and that I was crazy and had clearly lost my mind (my job too), I think we will head went to San Fran by car going though the Central States... Stops including but not limited to (Because Carly and I no have all the time in the world ;) ):
  1. Kingston, 
  2. Toronto, 
  3. Oshawa, 
  4. Mississauga, 
  5. Guelph, 
  6. St Catherine, 
  7. Niagara Falls (Canadian size EH?! Hells yeah)... YOU KNOW WHAT... 

So the many goals of this journey are just to enjoy and see friends and family, get to know the cities, meet and greet and by tourists, party a little, play a little, learn a ton, and just spread the joy.

Side note... I just got fired (I know... It's bee a long as week) because I'm on probation period still and needed a leave to do that... So tadah! Free time. It's always there if you just make time for it. One less worry in my life.. and the finances are okay till I get home, so that is alright and perfect too :) But yeah, I was working at the lovely O.C.C. but think I want to do it my way instead of someone else's... SOOOOOO
This is the TRANSCANADA NETWORKING TOUR OF: HOMEBASE INC. EVENT MANAGEMENT. Which just means that Carly and I get to play hardcore tourists and go all out and see everything and eat everywhere and talk with locals and find great pubs and rocking karaoke nights and smoooze the millionaires for sponsor ship and endorsements and funding and the most happening events and parties and concerts will be run from beginning to end by my team. Check out the website: Click here if you are AWESOME!!

So again. I need to pause and explain myself... I have a lot of experience in customer service and high end sales and making regular things an entire experience. I am not as professional as some, but you will leave happy and I will surpass my sales quotas. Always. But anyways. I am stupid driven and not really sleeping lately, so this is perfect. I don't need to be a billionaire and would prefer to just have a great time with my money but getting my friends out of debt and living some and all of their dreams. It's time to give back. We as a whole, the entire world, all people, have created this culture that cannot be sustained. Something needs to be done and we plan on training to do that by supporting charities on a local and international level, as well as having our priorities as follows:
  1. Support for friends and family (Whether it is in the form of benefits, pension plans, savings, subsidies... helping them relocate and giving them a chance dispute that they may be unique. Place them in positions that are relevant to their qualities and passions and talents, etc.)
  2. Community- Treating the world as one large living organism where everything needs to live in harmony and balanced. Life, death; day, night; fire, water... And Good and Bad. We believe that when we can help we should. We both need to help right now, so we are asking for it, but we still give whenever we can... and this company is going to follow that. Choose your Foundation. I have chosen mine. My local choice. All women should feel strong and beautiful.
  3. CLIENT RELATIONS!! I hate getting piss poor service and paying so much for it. So I think that I my team is dynamic enough to work with any person. They are all talented in their specialties and as such can provide the client with whatever they want. If you tell me, "I want triplets to belly dance while taming a tiger and charming a snake." I want to look you in the eye and say, "Would you like the smoke machine, the live Indian band and a live elephant before or after the fireworks with that?" I want to be able to provide the best service and build a corporation based on trust, honesty, hard work and mutual gain. 
  4. Eco friendly choices- If I can afford to do something more eco friendly... Let's do it. 
  5. ECONOMICAL- I don't need millions. I just need to sit comfy. And as such, the prices reflect that. I think that everyone should be able to afford an awesome time. So my staff can afford to work with any budget. Their salary is unaffected and they get tips anyways, so it is still a great deal for them and they will treat the client with as much respect as any other client. Everyone I work with is VIP. 

So please stay tooned and connected for Photos, Posts, Videos, Guests and Smiles and "Wise" Words. 

Xo and Happy 3 weeks Ottawa and the world. Maybe I'll meet you out there :)

Your bosses... Not Carly, but this one is SPECIAL too <3

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  1. you forgot Owen Sound on your list of pit stops...just sayin...Jamie xo