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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Have your cake and eat it too...

Yet another sleepless night and so I have decided to write lists... About what ever I want.


  • Sometimes I like working. 
  • We get wicked food at work.
  • I work DT. Score!
  • I deal with some awesome loaded people everyday (some drunk some rich, some a combo). 
  • I deal with some snooty rich people from time to time. 
  • I met our Mayor and gave him the shittiest service unknownly. I'm the only person who can score tips from everywhere except with the VIP. Oops. 
  • I f*cking hate waiting for elevators
  • I love manditory breaks.
  • I walk really fast. 
  • My tips pay for my gas and parking. 
  • I'm overpaid.
  • But damn good at my job and I love it!
  • I got flowers to take home tonight <3 A beautiful centerpiece!! (Now if Ringolopolus would just leave them alone!!)
    Dating in the 90's:
    • My new TV Show concept. Because we have so many shitty reality shows, and game shows, and dating shows, and relationship counselling... That I propose a combonation!! DATING IN THE 90'S
    • No cellphones, no facebook, computer limited, landlines... real dates. Bar hopping... and then:
    • the follow up with the relationship bs and then turn it into an elimination show and we are solid.
    • And then just for fun give them challenges.. like, but not limited to: addressing an envelop for the mail, using dialup internet, speed dating, bad 90's theme dress, pub crawls... The potential is limitless!!! BE EXCITED!! TUNE IN SUNDAY!!
    • SUGGESTIONS APPRECIATED. I was single digits in the 90's... I didn't really have a lot going on in the dating department if you know what I mean ;)
    HELL!! We could even counteract it was current dating and just how f*cked up it really can get, but that's a whole new lists and I'm retiring for the night...
    Things I'm not going to get done tomorrow:
    • Not go to the gym
    • Not volunteer... sorry kiddies... I need the morning off. 

    Thing I might get done tomorrow:
    • Work
    • Buy workout clothes lol
    • Get the dogs nails clipped
    • walk Maggie at Bruce Pit
    • SLEEP!! Need some
    • and COFFEE <3

    That's it for now. xox

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    1. My bad for all the errors.. You get the just. I need sleep and it's my blog... so there.