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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Already Failing...

Yo and hello all,
So I'm already failing at consistently posting, but I'm working on it. The European trip things are on my other computer and it's been all the way upstairs for the past week in a room I haven't been in. So the long and short is I got lazy.
But anyways. I've been working the past few nights too and just decided that today is totally a me day and that's it. Blogging included I suppose :)
The past week has been crazy. I'm house sitting and dog walking for my parents and it's nice to have a house to myself. I say "mself" loosely though because since my parents left it's been busy. It's really nice though. Alli and Laurel and Karla have been here for most of the time and I hosted two couchurfers, Eddie and Tiffany, and then there was Masquerade Turkey Fest too... It's been busy but it's solid and I'm happy.
And working at the Convention Centre is sweet too. Love it.
More to follow when I get less lazy. Me day in progress. Girls nights while wine to follow.
Love. xo

Your mission today: Make someone you don't know smile.

PS Extra awesome points for the gas guy last night selling me Belmonts for the price of the cheapest smokes. I owe you cookies. 

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