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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pistachio Tiramisu

What a lovely night in the Paris area!
Another semi eventful weekend with an old family au pair visiting, which I was initially a little worried about, but she is great and will come with me to Paris for the free museum day tomorrow. Her name is Karly, and she is also American and the kids are delighted that she is visiting, but are now more than ever, stuck like glue to me.
And then tonight I went with Christina's host mom, Anna, and her eldest son, Sebastian to see a French theater production, La Serva Amorosa. Before the show we grabbed a bite to eat at a pizza place, and I must say there is a significant difference to eating pizza in France than in Canada. First off you order an entire pizza for yourself, which come with some unique toppings (mine for example was with lardon, something like bacon chucks, cheese, an egg and fresh cream... Anna got one with salmon??). Secondly you eat the entire thing with a knife and fork... I look incredibly awkward trying to figure out the best way to do this with a round, crusty pizza. And what pairs better with pizza than Perrier and red wine? Apparently, according to the French, nothing.
The show itself was all in French and I was thankful that it was translated from its original Italian version later, so that it was modern French. It was a comedy from the 17th century, reinforcing the ideals of the century: the rich are often oblivious and selfish, and the servants are always portrayed as kind, smart, and always end up winning in the end. I actually sat through the two hour production understanding everything that was being said, and was even able to laugh at the jokes!
I am looking forward to a nice day tomorrow filled with Paris sites and museums and followed by a lunch/ tea over at Aurore's again. Lovely weekend to all!

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