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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Barcelona here we come!

So it has officially been decided that for when my sister visits for Christmas we are going to go to Barcelona! I know that I have already been to Spain... but Barcelona seems to be a city in itself that must be seen. And it looks beautiful! We are going to be flying there with Ryanair again and hopefully renting an appartment for the week because it will be a lot cheaper than staying in hostels... Yeah, please note that any time you plan of traveling for about a week or more it is a really good idea to look into appartment rentals, you will save a ton of money, have a lot more room, and typically have access to a kitchen area so you can cook your own food. I will update when the tickets are bought, but for now this is just really exciting. 23 days until my sister gets here and 26 days until Barcelona with her and Christina! Be excited, be be excited!

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