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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just another day in France...

It has officially been 54 days of living in Maison Laffitte, France, a suburb of Paris, Ile-de-France.
What I have learned today? The Macarena is still extremely popular with 9 year-old girls. In fact it is so popular that there is no objection to listening to it on repeat several times. I guess it does beat the typical Hannah Montana playlist that usually reigns over the house. At least I can dance to this song without having to feel any embarrassment, after all everyone is doing it... You can't resist the Macarena. I just don't think I'll introduce them to the "YMCA" any time soon for fear of what that may bring. And because I know you were all dying to hear it too...
I also had the experience of attempting to choose decent wines from a convenience store. And why would this present any problem you may ask? Well first off it is really hard to determine what a 3 dollar bottle of wine will taste like. Will it be any better then the 2 dollar options? And is the most expensive bottle really worth the 6 euros they are asking? Really who buys any liquor from a convenience store? But they do sell legitimate brands of liquor that I recognize from home so maybe it will all be good? The decision was simple in the end: Buy 4 different bottles and figure it out when I get home. Although by the end of the taste test I'm sure they will all be "delicious"... almost as great as the hangover the next day promises to be.

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