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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Forward French Men...

Now typically in my books you would get bonus points for having the guts to approach me and attempt a pick up... this however is not the case when it is late at night and I am walking alone with my headphones in my ears. In fact it's quite the opposite in this situation. You tend to come off as creepy and in no way charming. I have now dealt with my fair share of French men approaching me while I've been here, and here are some basic rules that you should abide by as the man:
1) If it is dark and the girl is alone, you should mind your distance, she already has her guard up.
2) There is an appropriate time and place to make an advance (blocking my exit from a store is not it).
3) If you are older than my parents you can pretty much consider yourself out of luck (unless of course you are wearing an Armani suit and driving a Porsche).
4) Don't mistake kindness for interest, some people just smile.
5) When the headphones go back in my ear and I continue walking you should go on your way and not bike creepily slow beside me.
6) Pick up on subtle hints, for example if I say, "I don't speak your language and don't understand you at all," or "I have three kids at home that are waiting for me," this is code for "F OFF!"
7) Using a line like, "I could teach you some French things," and winking will not work.
Needless to say Jack Johnson was enough company for my walk this evening but unfortunately some men just don't understand that. So although you think I am beautiful, and although I am alone (even though you ask when clearly there is no one with me apart from some old man trying to pick me up), I am quite content to be on my way to meet my "friend who is waiting for me up the block". Thank you and good night.

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