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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Laziest Blogger EVER.

But I thought this link was pretty cool...

Virgos born on September 15 have a talent for communicating. They are truthful but need a dream world that lets them escape from harsh reality. They believe in putting their reputation on the line for a good cause but are not controversial. Their sensitive nature may hide a sparkling personality.

Friends and Lovers

People born September 15 have a love for people and can get along with almost anyone as long as the relationship doesn't go too deep. They like to surround themselves with attractive, witty people who make them feel good about themselves, yet when they meet their soul mate they are surprised that this person in no way jibes with their "ideal."

Children and Family

Family life has a generally positive effect on the lives of September 15 men and women. They are relationship-oriented and are likely to enjoy a close and rewarding relationship with siblings. These men and women often "find" themselves spiritually when they have children.


People born on this date have a tendency to be ruled by their appetites. They enjoy good food and have a tendency to put on weight once they reach middle age. It takes powerful motivation to get them to commit to something physical, but once they experience its energizing effects they are sure to lock into better habits.

Career and Finances

September 15 individuals are immensely talented, usually artistically. Their ability to get along with people and to communicate makes them good teachers, media consultants, therapists, and marriage counselors. They are insecure about their ability to handle money.

Dreams and Goals

September 15 natives enjoy being in the spotlight and may chase that dream early. Once they begin to make a place for themselves, however, their priorities change. They begin to understand the best goals are spiritual. They want to understand their deepest motivations, so they must explore their inner landscape.

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