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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sorry, I was busy galavanting...

Yo and hello to anyone out there!
A few things to address today, including but not limited to: 1) An apology. 2) An update. 3) Home life and 4) Big plans and other mind tangents. Shall we begin?
So, best always to start at item 1. on our agenda...
1) My bad for not writing in what feels like a decade. I was a little all over the place and dealing with a lot of planning and traveling and in general all the wonderful things in life. I promise to attempt to actually write something semi intriguing every few days... or weeks... or whenever from now on.
2) So as anyone who has read any of my blog before knows, I was living abroad this year in Paris. My foreign-single-mother-of-three days officially ended (which in itself is a completely different story) and I set out with travel buddy extraordinaire, Christina.
We hit up Rome, Italy; Rhodes, Greece; Pretoro, Italy; (I step off the train in Austria) Munich, Germany; Bern, Switzerland; Milan, Italy; Venice, Italy; Zagreb, Croatia; Budapest, Hungary; Krakow, Poland; Prague, Czech Republic; Berlin, Germany; Bruges and Antwerp, Belgium; Amsterdam, Netherlands; London, Southampton, and the countryside, England; and finally back to Paris, France for a few days before flying home.
It was as amazing as you can imagine multiplied by... like... 12 or something. We ate local dishes, visited a market in every city, partied, slept on train floors, in hostels, on benches and couches of friendly strangers. We sight saw and visited museums and cultural points. We took walking tours and picnicked. We made friends with locals and travelers alike and have millions of stories, tips and photos to share.
I'll attempt to edit our "Mad Libs" style notes from our journeys into something readable. I will take forever... but I want to share it that much!
3) I'm home now. Flew in on August 24th... Wow, I just noticed I've been home for over a month. And thank whomever that I'm getting my shit together, because after a month you start to feel and become a mooch.
Still working out living situations and job stuff, but I did just start at the Ottawa Convention Center as a Banquet Server. Which I must add is pretty awesome. I'm stoked about it, and having had my first 3 shifts I know it's perfect for me right now. Aside from that I'm waiting on security clearance from France (WTF? I know...) to start at the Royal Canadian Mint. So the career and income thing is being taken care of for the moment. Pay day has a whole new meaning when you haven't had one in 5 months...


So 3) Continued, I got paid and that is awesome!! I am also host two couchsurfers, one from the Bahamas, Eddie, and one from France, Tiffany. It's pretty awesome. More on that later if I remember...

Side Note: www.couchsurfing.org is this incredible community that I talked about before hand I'm sure, but you offer what you can to travelers. Whether it be time, a dinner, a couch or bed, a day trip or a ride. It's a pretty epic concept. Really safe a reliable and typically the people are super chill and awesome. I lucked out.

Side Note 2: We went to Kingston today after stopping in Kars are to kayak at the grandparents and visit there and it was lovely. Tomorrow is shopping in Montreal followed by working from 6pm till 2am so I'll probably make it to Amanda's by... 4am? Sleep in and recoop.

Number 4). What was that again? (It has been two days, so please give me some grace) SCROLL UP!!

Oh how appropriate: Big Plans and Mind Tangents: Well there are many.
First off of those is what I like to call the "2-year-plan". It's this awesome idea that I have to head to Amsterdam in two years time. I am working towards that by setting up the mundane grown-up things like savings accounts and investing and working hard and long to make some cash money. Its good though. I'm learning Dutch too... well in theory I'm learning Dutch, I need to actually read the things to learn it. But yeah. That's plan Numero UNO.
Second off is the current travel plans. Lets be honest I can't stay still. So a trip is in the works... the Bahamas for $800 or a road trip or a short road trip and the beaches?? But something around Christmas for sure.
Thirdly? Correct punctuation? I never claimed to be an editor. But any whooo. I also have this extremely complicated and elaborate

But yeah that's about it. Things are all going well and I will try to do a few Mad-Libs soon for you to read. If you are reading. If you you are that's pretty damn cool and when I see you, if I should ever see you, I will reward you with a sticker.... OH THAT REMINDS ME:
Tangent #1: Birthday game success of the year? "Pin the tail on the donkey adult version" aka "Stick the Star Stickers on the Nipples on the hot guy with pecks". And I got serenaded outside of the club by a group of like 20 guys. Awesome days and nights. Because there was great karaoke at the Bull on the Thursday too.

But much love. Enjoy and here is a picture of something cool:

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