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Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Couple Pieces of Canada

So Christina's parents got here the other day and so far it has been great having them here. They are staying right outside of the Arc de Triumph area in a little apartment with a great market right outside their front door. Christina and I went to get them at the airport on Saturday morning and after getting them settled we showed them a few places around Paris. That night we had a great dinner of market roasted chicken, baguette, red wine, potatoes and green beans. Excellent. And what a feeling to get a hug from a parent!! We are being spoiled and loving it.

Today we went over to her host parent's house for a traditional dinner of raclette... which is in short AMAZING!! The main concept is having meats, potatoes, pickles and onions covered by a fabulous cheese and drinking a hell of a lot of white wine and champagne. Excellent. Lunch was accompanied by a crazy French lady talking a little bit too much and not listening enough, and of course some baguette and salad to finish off. This is apparently a traditional meal in France and one that I am completely willing to take home and adapt to Canadian life as well.
 After stuffing our faces in the politest way possible I toke Christina's parents back to the metro, but not before stopping to have some coffee and marcarons... Sil and I decided on nougat, salted caramel and hazelnut praline flavoured to share. We are officially converted to loving French food. I will continue endorsing going to a cafe to use the bathroom if it means deliciousness like this each time.
Although having them here makes me miss my family, it is really nice to have familiar faces around and to be able to show off Paris a little. Besides its making the time until my sister arrives fly by and is giving Christina and I a well deserved change of scenery. God I miss good hugs and parental love... even if they aren't officially my parents.

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