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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Terrific Days and Bad Dreams

Yesterday was incredible! Well for living in France it was incredible (there is a different scale here).
I crashed at Christina's on Friday night and we actually woke up at a respectful time Saturday morning... 10:30. Considering the amount of gin I drank the night before it was nothing short of a miracle. We then went to our little market and bought the best mangoes, brocoflower (Romanesque cabbage?), fresh baguette, and fresh goat cheese. All of which we quickly consumed while watching "The Sweetest Thing" (which everyone should rent and watch this week because you really do forget how funny that movie really is).
Then we headed into Paris. I had a tea date with a girl I had met my first couple weeks here, so Christina and I went to Pere La Chaise Cemetery to wonder for a little bit then we split up so I could meet Aurore for tea at her place.
I must say the young French are so hospitable and welcoming! It is unbelievable. That afternoon was probably the best one since I had gotten here three months ago. I felt so at ease sitting and talking with Aurore and her fiance. Its a strange feeling being in a foreign country without knowing anyone, and to be able to make a friend when asking for directions is unheard of in Ottawa. I was invited back anytime for tea or dinner or to crash there if I wanted and I cannot wait to take her up on her offer again.
Christina and I met back by the Sacre Coeur and did want any North American would do for dinner... McDonald's. It is my first time eating it here, so no one is allowed to give me any grief, but frankly I just didn't want to feel like a tourist that night and McDicks is similar enough in each country that you know what to do. And they had Marky Mark videos playing on the TVs so how could I pass that up?
After dinner we hit up the Moulin Rouge and the lovely red light district of Paris. We officially have a new record to beat for creepers: In a ten minute span we got eight cat calls... EIGHT. Oh French men, how do you not see the errors in your ways? And no you may not follow us down the strip, that is just scary.
So after confirming again that we are the most beautiful people in this country (8 times!) we decided that we would walk along the Seine because it is so beautiful at night. We got off the metro by the Louvre and the Roue de Paris (similar to the London Eye) and walked along the Christmas market that is starting to be set up in the Champs Elysee area. I personally cannot wait until they light up all the Christmas lights in the trees the first of December.
To complete our wonderful night we headed home and watched "Crossroads". Oh Britney you still rock my world.
Everything seemed perfect until I woke up this morning for a terrible dream (not a nightmare, but it set me off), and now I feel homesick and so far away... And for some reason I feel like I am in trouble. Its a terrible feeling that I would typically just sleep off but because of the dreams I've been having all too frequently now, it doesn't seem like a viable option. Maybe "The Wonder Years" will make me feel awesome again? Its worth a shot at least.

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